Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its Beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Every where you look! at least at my moms house!

She has got the entire house decorated, we even have a little Charlie Brown tree and a Charlie Brown figurine on the kitchen table.

Here is our Christmas Tree that Me, My hubby and Devin Decorated (since Kara is to young and Brooke is staying the night at Great grandmas)

This is my moms tree, I am not even playing I had to stand on the front porch just to get a picture of the entire tree!!

I would like to introduce you all to Jeeves, he (along with a few others that my mom built) is our butler, and he is holding the tray with the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer characters.

This is the entertainment center all nicely decorated...

Even the Grandfather clock gets to be apart of the festivities

These are the Stocking hung by the Chimney with care. (in hopes that St. Nick will soon be here)

and the Ginger Bread House and Tree that my mom made (have I mentioned How talented she is?)
Say Hello to the yellow M & M.

and the decorations above the kitchen sink.

So that is most of the decorations of the house and the outside is of course decorated as well but there are so many pictures to take. I hope you enjoyed all of our Christmas decor and if you weren't in the holiday mood I hope you are now (how can you not be with all those decorations???

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