Monday, May 3, 2010

How was your weekend?

Hey Ya'll how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, for the most part at least. I had some off moments were the depression kicked in and I just wanted to sleep the day away. But alas I had a child to take care of. My Aunt took Devin and Brooke to her house so for Saturday is was just me and Kara (the hubby was at work and my parents were at a wedding). Kara and I went to the neighbors for his 2nd birthday but were unable to stay for very long because Kara decided to be a big pain the arse! I didn't do my walking yesterday because we went to the in laws and then to the funeral for a viewing because the father of one of the hubbys closest friends died just last week. The hubby of course wanted to get his old truck and take it with us, which was fine with me the truck is nice, but there is no exhaust on it right now so that sucks because its very loud! When we left the funeral home it was raining and about half way to my grandma's house I realized that my pants were wet and the hubby realized he had forgotten to plug the holes that are in the wheel wells, so yeah the water from the road was splashing into the truck and get me wet, I tried to block the hole the best I could with my foot but I couldn't cover it completely and right before we got back to my grandma's I looked down and realized that not only were my pants wet but my shoes were muddy (because my grandma lives on a dirt road). Good thing we were dropping the truck off and not driving it all the way home that would have SUCKED! But I guess its okay, I was with the hubby on the trucks "maiden" voyage (it hasn't been driven on the road in over 18 years, I think) He was so very excited to drive his truck and that's all that matters. I'll be happy when he gets some stinking exhaust on it and adjust the brakes (its turns to the left really bad when you brake quickly).
Today I am taking it easy, I'll still go for my walk and maybe do my yoga (I'm not sure about the yoga right now) but I missed yesterdays walk so I really would prefer not to miss it today. But I'm really tired today and just want to take it easy, I was on my feet A LOT yesterday and would prefer to stay off my feet as much as possible. Brooke and Kara are watching Nick Jr., playing and fighting all at the same time. I think it may be nap time for Kara soon and maybe (hopefully) for me as well, Brooke has bothering me to watch either Rudolph the red nose reindeer or the grinch who stole Christmas so I think I'll let her watch one of those while I get a little nap in. Tomorrow is the funeral, the hubby has decided that he doesn't want to miss it and his work will understand so hopefully I will be able to talk my mom into watching Brooke and Kara so I can go with David. I would really like to go because I have never been to a military funeral and they will be doing a 21 gun solute. I know that is not a good excuse to go to a funeral, and obviously that is not my only reason, I want to be there to support the hubby and to support his friend as well.
Have you heard about the new medication recall? I still have to check out the tylonal and motrin I have to see if the products I have, have been recalled but check out Mcneil Product Recall to see if you may have one of the recalled products.

Have a Great Day!


Alyssa said...

Love your new picture, Catrina!

I must tell you I just posted about the McNeil scandal tonight. It was the first I heard about it before reading the mention in your post. I think it's disgusting, especially since the meds are over-the-counter and so commonly used. It seems like they don't give a (you know what!)

Catrina said...

Yeah I don't understand why they don't monitor these things more closely these are just little kids!