Friday, March 4, 2011

Carly's update...

Will it ever end?  Carly had her post hospital check up today....  She hasn't gained any weight (which I didn't expect her to anyways).  Her o2 levels were 98% so that was good.  She is still wheezing really bad.  They did a RSV test when she was in the hospital and she tested positive, that is what caused her bronchiolitis.  For now she is to continue on her antibiotics and albuteral and I am to slowly ween her off once her coughing gets better (which could take a couple weeks).  They plan on doing another x-ray in a few weeks as well to see the way her lungs look.  They are still concerned about her having asthma, we will probably know for sure once she gets her x-ray done.   If she does or if she is still having problems she will be put on steroids during the cold and flu season to prevent problems occuring like this again.   She is doing much better, but yes you can still hear the wheezing when she breathes.  But its so nice to see her smiling face and hear her cute little laugh again! 

Well thats all I wanted to say so I'll share a few videos that I took while she was in the hospital....

and when she came home

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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