Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just stuff

So yesterday I was going to get up early and go to the store to get some good deals on a few Christmas items but me and David stayed up till 2am playing Super Mario Bro's Wii so yeah I didn't get much sleep. I did go later on in the day and bought a few things but nothing of real important's. I did however go online and buy My secret Santa her things (shh its my mom, haha she already knows) We also got the girls new bedding for Christmas too. I got something for Kara as well. I've got another headache today, but that's not new. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday but it hasn't helped me yet..... Today I am not sure what we will do... Tomorrow we will go to Kiddie Kandids and get Kara's one year pictures and our family pictures taken, I can't wait! I've been wanting to do this for a month now we just haven't had the time. So I will be posting them tomorrow.

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