Monday, November 30, 2009

My oh so talented Mom

This is my mom.....
She is very talented! And sometimes I hate her for that because I am not talented at all! She took all the creativity and kept it to herself! She is good and wood working, maybe in a later post I will post all the wonderful projects that she created like, the toy box she made (ok I painted it at least) and the butlers she made, and the coat rack, the graduation cap for Devin, bookcase, doll house, outhouse (toilet paper holder), I could keep going on..... But I won't. No I dont really hate my mom, but I am jealous of all the talent she has, every time I get interested in making something I end up loosing interest in it, I can make hair bows but they aren't very good, and I can make tutu's too, and thats about it. Oh wait yeah I can make babies HAHA.
But anyways this is my moms weird lego creation...
and this is the house, garage and tree lego creation that she made, aint it awesome can you see the two cars in the driveway too?
This is another view of her house (you can even see she put a chimney)
and this is Brooke with the house (she helped)
I hope you enjoyed!


Nicole said...

you should take your girls (and mom) to the Lego castle exhibit at the henry ford museum! it is so cool!

Kathy said...

oh thats cool, I'll have to see if she wants to go. she told me yesterday that after I left she made a fire place, bed, & chair