Sunday, January 10, 2010


After two weeks of being irritated that the hubby was out of town, and not knowing when he was coming home, I went and visited my in laws because I know the kiddos missed them, (and its been a while since we've seen them). Devin and Brooke decided to stay the night so, me Kara were on our own going home, and I was starving so we left, got some gas, and some food. About half way home I get a phone call and all I hear is this song, Whenever David is out of town and he comes home or is on his way home he calls me and plays this song to let me know, ain't that so sweet? I wanted to cry and almost did because I was so happy that he was on his way home and then he tells me to look out the front door. Damn wish I could but I'm not home! Damn I wish I was home!!! So of course I had to drive all the way home knowing that he was home and I just wanted to be there with him! I didn't want to wait to see him I just wanted to be with him! I was so happy to get home and finally see my husband after 2 weeks! He bought me a Navy sweat shirt, oh did I mention that he was in Maryland at the US Naval academy? He also got the girls some t-shirts that say Navy on them too. I know you may not think this is a big deal but this was the first time that he actually brought us back a gift from when he was out of town. He was in Mexico a few months ago and he didn't bring us anything back, He could have brought home something authentic from Mexico or Texas (were they were staying) but he didn't even think about it. So this time it was really sweet that he brought something back to us. (just between you and me, the sweatshirt is to small, ha ha, but I'll manage). I am just so happy, more like in ecstasy that he is finally home! Yeah I know your thinking well if he is home then why in the hell are you on the computer? Well for your information, David is at the car wash spraying out his work overalls and coat because they got extremely filthy and my mom would hurt him if he messed up her washer and dryer with them. I can't wait till we go pick up Devin and Brooke from his parents they are going to be so excited to see him! Maybe I will take some pictures of their reactions!
Well I have to start cleaning up before we go get the girls, Hopefully I start having some more interesting topics to talk about now that the hubby is home!!

Have a great Day!!

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