Monday, February 22, 2010

Some thoughts on being "Crunchy"

I've been thinking.... (I know your thinking this can't be good). I love the environment, I mean were would we be without it? I love the idea of doing things to better the environment, and although I was unsuccessful with being "crunchy" or "eco-friendly" with any of my other children, well I tried to with Kara and I started a bit late and unfortunately did not quite stick with it (fail on my part). This bundle that I am now 14 1/2 weeks preggo with, is probably, most likely (I want to say defiantly) our last child, I want to do right with this one, I want to do things that are better for my baby and better for the environment. I started cloth diapering Kara at 11 months, I only started out with about 5 or 6 gdiapers I loved the concept of these it seemed so easy, I bought cloth prefolds and then when gdiapers came out with their cloth inserts I bought some of those. I thought this will be easy I can use the disposable/flushable part of the diaper when out and at night and the g's during the day, no problem right? Except I think I messed up from the start, I wasn't using the flushable inserts at night or on outings because I had disposables left over still. But then once those ran out I thought well this is easier to use the disposables at night (because I didn't want to double up on the flushables because I didn't have alot) and it was so much easier with disposables on outings too. So cloth diapering last for a while, during the days only though. Okay it also didn't help because the hubby and my dad refused to use the g's. Things worked out for a while and we were spending less on diapers (yea!) but then I got lazy and started using the g's less and less, okay mainly because when she would poo in them it made me sick to clean and no one else was going to do it for me. So we have been on mainly disposable for quite some time, we do still have a use the g's but not as often.

I would love to try and go completely green (especially to save money) but to be honest I just don't have it in me (as much as my brain wants, I just don't think I can do it). So I have decided if I can't go completely cloth then I will at least start buying better disposables, I tried Seventh Generation but I just was not happy with them they felt weird and I had leaking issues, I'm sure they are great diapers but I just didn't like them. I have been researching today looking at my options out there and seen that Huggies has a new diaper out called Pure and Natural they are made with organic materials and I am sure they are not as organic as cloth but its a start right? I have been thinking about also making my own baby food, don't quote me though because this is just my thought right now when it comes down to it I hope that I have the time, energy and patients to do but there are no guarantees. I've made the decision to go for the BPA free bottles, the brand I am not sure on yet, I may just try a few to see what I like. I know for sure that I will give another go at breastfeeding, as I had failures with it with my last 3 children I am hoping that this time around we will be able to do it and stick with it for at least 6 months (if not longer).

If anyone has suggestions to help achieve my goals I welcome opinions!

I have been reading a lot of "crunchy" blogs to see what they are all doing. I hope that I can do things that are more organic and better for the environment with my baby and family. I commend all the women and families that can go crunchy all the way. I wish I had it in me to do it also. I think for me it is a little difficult because my family isn't about all the organic aspects of life, and the hubby is more about the money aspect because even if it can save in the long wrong, if its not saving us now he doesn't want to do it, especially if it will cost a lot of money up front.

I will continue to read up on how to live life better for my children and our environment and I will start trying to bring it into our everyday life. I want to set a good example for our children to be healthy and live healthy. I just hope that I can get the support from my family to do so. It may take some time but I hope I can do this.


Alyssa said...

Unfortunately I have no good thoughts on this for you...I would, however, definitely go with the BPA-free bottles. I haven't used cloth diapers, so I'm hoping more experienced moms can advise.
Choices get so confusing for us!!!
I worry about what I'm feeding my daughter; then I get so overwhelmed I just give up and almost give her any junk.

mrs. b. said...

we used g's with my oldest and i loved them! we use dispoasbles now and i cringe @ the thought of how many my fam alone is contributing to the landfills. i wish i had some advice, but really i'm in the same boat as you! i *want* to be all crunchy, but i just don't seem to have it in me either.

Blair said...

We are SO not crunchy. Maybe soon I'll start looking into it. oy.

My only tip is to not flush the 'sposie parts of GDiapers if you have a septic tank!