Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 1 - Crying Baby

Every women is different and will experience things differently. The opinions expressed here are what I found worked best for me, while feel free to try it they may not be what will work best for you

So I'm defiantly not an expert but I have some experience in taking care of kids and recently some friends of ours had a baby and have been asking for my advice which I don't mind at all. I remember what it was like to be a new parent and have no clue what I was doing, I called a lot of people every time I needed advice or help (mainly my Mom and Aunt). But I was joking with the hubby last night that I should write a book, that way they could just look up all the answers, but then again what if its not in the book? So I am writing this basically as they ask me the questions that need answers so if your a new parent I hope I can help. :)

The question of the day is....
We've tried everything and the baby won't stop crying!?

I remember this, shoot I just went through a few months ago when Carly was first born (remember she is only 3 months old).

First things first I know you said you tried everything but just remember sometimes even when you think you've tried everything you might have forgotten in your frustration to try something obvious (I've done it). When was the last time baby was fed? Even if she/he was fed recently they can be hungry again, its called cluster feeding sometimes they will eat a lot in short period of time. I know your thinking there's no way the baby just ate like 15 minutes ago but believe me it does happen (Carly did a lot of cluster feeding in the first few weeks). Next does baby have a fresh diaper, again it seems like an obvious thing to do but its easily forgotten. Is baby swaddled? Sometimes baby's like to be swaddled (Carly Loved to be swaddled and calmed down almost instantly when she was swaddled. In my experience though and I know it may sound mean but baby may be so upset and try to squirm out of the swaddle in this case hold baby close to you and hold his/her hands against her chest and rock him/her. I know it sounds bad but from my experience sometimes it works. Next when was the last time baby pooped? Is it possible he/she is constipated? Or maybe has gas built up? You can try pumping baby's legs to get the poo or gas moving, you can also try some gas medicine (remember to follow directions on the bottle), Its your choice of what kind to use we have used Baby Gas-X and Mylicon. If you are using powdered formula I would try the already made formula and see if that helps (all our girlie's had issues with powdered because of the gas it can cause) Does baby have the hiccups? Sometimes hiccups hurt, I know personally for me (and for Carly) they hurt. What we have found in this experience is that Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is a miracle cure for hiccups it works as soon as baby starts drinking (and according to the directions even adults can use it), Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is used for many things its a safe and effective all natural herbal supplement used to ease gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic, hiccups and teething. Which brings me to my next issue, possible colic. Now I don't have experience with this so I don't know what exactly works for it but since Gripe Water is used for it that would be the first thing I would try after that I think you should talk to a pediatrician about what to do about colic. Oh and let me not forget is baby spitting up a lot and arching his/her back? Baby could possibly have acid reflux which is no fun! Unfortunately with acid reflux the only real cure is to take baby to the pediatrician and get baby on some medicine (probably zantac). Do you use a binkie (pacifier) if you do you've probably tried it already but if you don't, you may not want to, but I would try it baby just might need some soothing. The tried and true method of rocking may help to and it could take a while but it can work, I like to sway sometimes in a figure eight.
If you notice that baby is fine when you are holding him/her but cries as soon as you lie them down in the crib (or bassinet) baby may not like lieing flat try laying baby in her swing, bouncer or car seat. You can also try laying baby on her/his side, for this though I would get a sleep positioner so that baby can't fall/roll on to his/her tummy.
Just remember no matter what you will find what works for you, and what works for one person may not work for you. Use your instincts they are your best indicator of what could be wrong. Everyone takes care of their children differently.
You'll get the hang of it, just don't stress out. For me a crying baby, especially one you can't seem to console is the fastest way to get stressed (and depressed). But don't forget this is just a baby and he/she is new at this too, they are trying to communicate with you the only way they know how and its all about trial and error. You'll get it and baby will be happy again, it just may take a while. If you start having bad thoughts or start feeling depressed or start hating baby seek help immediately!
Have a Great Day!

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