Monday, February 7, 2011

I think I strayed away...

Pre-warning the follow was written in advanced and may no longer be accurate at this time. We apologize in advanced if you feel deceived.   Haha, naw I wrote this yesterday (Sunday) because instead of napping while my children nap I am sitting here all sweating after exercising afraid to get up at the moment because with being sick and weak comes even more weakness when you are exercising and sweating while sick. 
I know, I know I probably should get my sweaty stinky arse in the shower but while doing said exercises the room got a bit hazy so I thought to myself that getting into a hot shower right away when feeling this was is probably not the best choice on my part.  Even more so because right now its just me and babies and I don't think either of them are going to get up and call 911 or wake me up if my arse is passed out on the bathroom floor.  So I sit here and write to you my fellow readers and writers.  I thought with all the sweating that I have been doing lately that this cold (or whatever the hell it is) would be gone by now, but I guess I was mistaken.
I did a little photo shoot with Carly yesterday (Saturday), I wanted to get some 6 month pictures of her, maybe I will share them with you at a later time.  Can you believe that Carly is going to be 6 months old?  I know they grow so fast don't they?  I did get a few good pictures and I edited them and I even got a cute one of Brooke for her 5 year photo, omg she is going to be 5 this year!  Wooh time flies!  I'm in shocked that my kids are already this old. 
To think that this fall I will have 2 children in school!  That's just crazy!  Why can't they be babies forever?  Maybe that is why my mom is getting mad at me because I yet to potty train Kara and The Hubby is mad at me because I haven't taken her Binkie away.  Yep that is most defiantly probably why.  Devin grew up way to fast and while its fun to see the little baby milestones happen early I don't think I am quite ready for my babies to not be babies.  But don't you fear I am working on getting Kara potty trained but lets put it this way, she doesn't want to be so its taking some time.  She gets mad when I put her in underwear, once she is in them she is fine and she will pee in the toilet if you stay on her but even if you are on her little butt constantly she still ends up peeing in her underwear.  For example just the other day I had her in her underpants and she was doing really well peeing in the baby potty.  So we decided to watch some devil television in my room, I kept asking if she had to pee and she kept saying no.  I told her, you make sure tell mommy if you got to pee because I don't want you to pee on my bed and the next thing I know my leg felt hot and wet.... Can you guess what happen?  Yeah she pissed on my bed!  I almost wonder if getting rid of the binkie would be easier then potty training her.  I guess that's what I get for having 2 kids that were a little easier to train now I have to have the tough one.
Well I think its safe to take my shower now....

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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