Monday, April 4, 2011


And... Here we go again!  Okay yeah maybe I am being a little mellow dramatic about it, no wait, yeah I am being a little dramatic about it.  Carly (sigh) once again has pneumonia!  Yes she had pneumonia has at the end of February beginning of March.  Two weeks ago she had an X-ray which showed her upper right lung was clear (were the pneumonia was), They found something a shadow in the left lung but it was not pneumonia. Last Friday her breathing started to sound crinkly again, we began breathing treatments over the weekend and have continued  through the week.  I decided to make and appointment for her the other day, since Brooke and Kara had their check ups today.  The doc checked her out and listened to her lungs and unfortunately, sigh... She has pneumonia again! This time in her lower right lung.
I found this all out last Friday so I guess this is a little late for updating but we were surprisingly busy over the weekend.  I know shocking ain't it?  Not to mention I am shredding it out with Jillian for 20 minutes a day now (more on that Saturday). 
Okay so we weren't like super busy or anything but I was trying to be good and not play on the computer to much.  I did well if I do say so myself.
Today however although I have exercises and showered and took care of my kids, I have surfed the web A LOT today.  Its a habit, okay maybe not a habit more like an addiction.  I know you know what I am talking about, okay maybe all of you don't but I know a few of you out there have to have the same addiction as me.  I know I cant be the only one. Can I?

So anyways, like I was saying yes we are dealing with antibiotics and breathing treatments once again.  Thankfully though she does not have it as severe as the last time.
She is an active child more active then I expected a 7 1/2 month old.  She is every where!  Crawling standing attempting to walk on the furniture. 

I'll make a seperate post to prove all that later. 
until then...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!


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