Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas lights, Haircuts and other ramblings.....

So I know that December is right around the corner and everyone is trying to get into the holiday spirit but.... I think there should be a rule that you cannot turn your Christmas lights on until December or at least after Thanksgiving, can't we celebrate one holiday before we start celebrating the next one? I told my mom that the our neighbors were lame because they turned their Christmas lights on already, so today she put her Christmas lights up (which I don't see anything wrong with putting the lights up) but at least wait till Friday (after Thanksgiving) to turn them on! She of course turned her lights on today, trying to make the excuse that they were on a timer and she was doing a trial run and blah blah blah. I told her she was super lame because she knows better. Ha ha I'm just kidding no one is lame I just think they should wait till after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.

Devin decided that she wanted to get her hair cut short, so we took her over to Studio 66 Salon and had Stephanie cut her hair and like always Stephanie did a wonderful job with Devin's hair.

This last picture is when I styled Devin's hair. She looks great! Doesn't she?

Brookie felt left out so we decided to trim her bangs and the back of her hair, doesn't she look great too?
I thought about getting Kara's hair trimmed because it has been getting a bit messy but I think its just a little to short still.
You know its funny I started this blog with the intentions of talking about all sorts of things, I know I could never get the readers that Mckmama and other Mommy bloggers get because as the title of my blog says I have a boring life. Sure we have our exciting times but they are few and far between. We don't really do a whole lot around here, just hang out as a family whether its playing the Wii or watching TV or playing board games. I spend a lot of time on the computer because yeah I admit it I'm addicted to it! Other then that we just enjoy watching our 3 daughters grow and learn new things. Like Kara for instants is amazing me daily she is learning new things all the time. Just today she learned to say peek a boo (which she loves that game), she loves running around the house and chasing her sisters, she also just learned how to climb into her chair and sit on it and rock, she loves her chair now.
Devin just likes hanging out with me and going to school, she love her teacher Mrs. R (gonna keep her name private) she is doing very well in school too, we are so proud of her! We had parent-teacher conferences last week and the teacher told us that she is doing very well in reading. She told us at this point in first grade they expect the kids to be at a level 4 in reading and a level 12 by May, well Devin is at a level 12 already!! she reads very well, she is always reading now, every chance she gets. She still has trouble sometimes but then again she is only in first grade.
Brooke loves watching Dora the Explorer, Spongebob and the Fresh Beat Band (along with Kara) we just got her a new Dora the Explorer game for the Wii and she loves it! she plays on it for hours. She currently learning her ABC's and she knows what A, B, & C look like now. She still is learning the rest of the alphabet a little at a time, she is doing pretty good at tracing the letters as well too.
The girls are getting super excited about Christmas coming up they are constantly asking for this toy or that toy, we just keep telling them to ask Santa. We already have to buy Kara a new pair of shoes before Christmas because we went to Meijer the other day and she kicked her shoe off in the store and we couldn't find it. So yeah that's great.
So I am sure I have bored you all enough for the night so I am going to stop rambling...

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