Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pet Craziness

I understand that Zhu Zhu Pets are very popular right now, my kids are of the many that want them for Christmas this year, and of course we are trying our damnedest to get them for the girls. They are being considered the Elmo of the year because they are so popular right now. originally their price is $9.99 for 1 zhu zhu pet and $34.99 for the 3 pack. Many people are going on and to try and get the zhu zhu pets. But many people are getting ridiculous with their prices. Trying to charge $62 for 1 zhu zhu pet or $155.99 for the 3 pack. Are people that excited about these stupid toys that they are willing to spend almost 450% more for a toy just to get it for their kids? My kids may want them badly and I really do want to get them for my girls to but I am not spending that much on a toy that is originally only $10 or $35. That is just crazy! What is even more ridiculous is the people that buy the Zhu Zhu pet ahead of time and then try selling them for the outrageous prices! I know times are hard because of the economy but do you have a heart? What about the people that are also having money issues they want to buy this toy for their kids for the holidays and you are trying to charge them all this money! Did you ever think that they can't afford this stuff to? If it comes down to it my girls will just get a IOU for Christmas and we will just wait till they are not so stinking popular. I just don't understand the people that are trying to sell these products for that much when they didn't buy them for that much to begin with. And then the folks that are actually buying them for these prices are just nuts! (sorry if I offend anyone that's just crazy!)

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