Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2:30am - 4:30am are you kidding me? Again!

Apparently #3 (yes I refer to my children as numbers sometimes) thought it would be fun to wake up 2:30 in the morning this morning and not go back to bed till 4:30am, can you say sleep deprivation? She still manages to wake up with a smile. Not me though, I did not necessarily wake up on the wrong side of the bed but I know I was not happy. I'm sure it didn't help that the plow was making tons of noise most of the morning (yeah that was annoying too) and the wind was blowing a lot and the wind chimes were constantly chiming. not to mention #1 wakes up with a UTI so now she has to go to the doctors this afternoon. So yeah now I am sleep deprived and have to take Devin to the doctors, I think I may take a nap while #2 and #3 watch the Fresh Beat Band.
Did I ever mention that sleep deprivation makes me a little CooCoo for Coco puffs? Yeah so this should be and interesting day, I'm sure to get on my moms nerves before the day is over with. I want to go shopping today but I just don't think that will happen today, bummer.
Do you know how cute it is to watch my little blue eyed, brown haired daughter dance? OMG its so cute! Not so much though when she has cereal bar dripping from her lips. (ok its still cute!) Ok well Brooke wants some milk and I want a nap so.....


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