Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greedy little Bragger

Why can't she be sweet like this all the time?

Did you ever feel like you failed as a parent? Right about now I am having one of those moments... Devin got off the bus today and the first thing she tried to do is try and get me to carry her. that I know is not really a big deal. But as we were walking across the street she asks if we could go shopping, I told her that if we went shopping it would probably just be to the grocery store.

Devin ~"but I want to buy a new toy with my money" (she has like 2 dollars in a change purse) I told her that she's not going to get a new toy when Christmas is just a few weeks away,

Devin~"but I want to play with a new toy now!"

Me~"well why don't you play with the 100's of toys you have in the basement that you never play with?"

Devin~" I want a new toy!" and then actually has the nerve to ask me where the toys are that we bought for Christmas are.

She also thinks that just because we go to the store that she deserves to get a new toy every time, I never taught her this way! I've always tried to make her realize that just because you leave the house doesn't mean that you get something new.

I defiantly don't want my children to be greedy or think they deserve new toys all the time, (that's just not the way life works) but some were down the road some one instilled this in my child!

I also try to teach her not to brag all the time but yet every time I turn around she is making comments like "I am the fastest person in the world (or family)" ,"I am the skinniest person in my family", " I am the smartest person in my family" where do they learn these things? because I certainly did not teach her this!

I even teach them their manners early, (shoot Kara learned how to say "Thank You" on Thanksgiving (and knows the meaning) and yet it seems like more and more lately I have to remind her to use her manners and say "please" & "thank you". Do they hit a certain age and just decide everything that they were taught means nothing?

I also don't know where its come from but the child has had an attitude/whining issue lately, she either comes home whining like a baby about everything or with a massive I have to get my way attitude. Is my 6 year old going on 16?

Don't get me wrong I know I am complaining a lot about Devin, but I do love her with all my heart I just wish she would stop being a bragger, selfish and greedy.

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