Friday, December 18, 2009


Yeah that's right its 4:17am and I am awake..... Not because I want to be, no way trust me I even went to bed early (by 9pm to be exact). But for some reason my darling Kara has decided that 3:30am and 4am would be a good time to wake up and play lately. Right now she is watching Gullah Gullah Island, maybe that is why she keeps waking up so early, its the only time she has to watch that show.....
I hope she doesn't decide that this will be her routine through my whole pregnancy, shoot even if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't want to do this daily. I just want to go back to bed. But what's the point, she'll just wake me up soon to put her back to bed (she likes to play for about and hour and then its back to bed. You know that child slept in till 9:30am yesterday? I wish I could! But no I have to get up at 7:30 to get Devin ready for school.
How many kids are getting out of school for winter brake today? Not my kiddo, she has to got to school till December 23rd! I think that's bogus, but whatever that is what her school has decided.
We're going to have a busy weekend (once again), David has to work Saturday but then we have to go visit with his parent (we didn't get a chance to visit with them last weekend because we were busy) and then I am gonna go visit Stacey so that my girls and her daughter can exchange Christmas gifts. We have my dad's family Christmas dinner on Sunday and then we are going to see our Friends Jeff & Nikki to celebrate Nikki's Birthday!
I am so excited that Christmas is only 7 days away! I can't wait for everyone to open their gifts! its funny I use to be so selfish and couldn't wait till I got gifts, but now for me its all about everyone else opening their presents and seeing what I got them (okay I admit I like playing with the girls toys ha ha).
Okay I think I am gonna try and get Kara to go back to bed now (its 4:30) but then again another episode of Gullah Gullah Island just came on so I am beting she will be up for another half hour......

Have a Great Day

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