Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Oh So Shocking Surprise.....

I wanted to yell it to the world yesterday after I found out but I had to wait till my Darling husband talked to his Mother.

Guess What??? We are having another baby! Yeah I just found out last night, I took a home pregnancy test last night and the positive line showed up and was really dark before the test line ever showed up. I took another this morning and it was still for sure positive. My first prenatal visit wont be till January, but going by my lmp I am due August 19, 2010!

It came to a huge surprise to us all but I am very happy about it! and every one else is excited too. Its still hasnt completely kicked in yet though, I'm just a bit in shock that we are going to have another child! (our 4th to be exact).

Oh my golly, Oh my golly, Oh my golly! I just can't believe it!

I think I may need a nap.....

Have a Great Day!


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Oh, congratulations on an August baby!