Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cute kids, Puppy dogs, and Clouds...

I can't promise that this post won't be filled with randomness because I can almost guarantee it will be just like most of my other (sorry my mind is always running with tons of different things...) Another thing is sorry if my pictures are all over the stinking place.. Seriously doesn't anyone else have issues getting pictures were you want them with this stupid thing? I hate that I have to organize them were I want them every time I download them....
But Anyways here you go......

I don't know why I downloaded this picture but seriously what is up with this face?
Okay so maybe she had food in her mouth, yeah what am I saying it's probably a damn dog biscuit, yeah that's right my baby girl eats dog biscuits!

Yeah I have weird children okay. Kara enjoys the occasional dog biscuit (which she usually steals from one of our 3 dogs). Even I have to admit sometimes that I don't understand my kids they are really strange. For example this morning Brooke decided to watch WallE (her favorite movie I have to add). Not even 5 minutes into the movie she is asking if after WallE we can watch UP.

Did I also mention that my little girls have attitude problems and smart ass mouths?
Perfect example (okay I will give you two)... The other day my mom was asking Brooke what she wanted to eat, Brooke decided she want soup, my mom asked her what kind and she chose Shrek soup, but just to be funny my mom kept mis saying Shrek, after a few minutes of this Brooke got irritated and said "Its called Shrek soup Idiot!" Now around here its funny but at the same time we can't let her start calling people idiots so as we are trying to keep in our laughter we have to tell her that we don't call people idiots.
Then the next day we are at Meijer and she see this giant red striped sock monkey for like $20.
She asks "Are you going to buy that for me?"
No Brookie I am not Christmas is next week,
" I thought you loved me?"
oh no you did not just pull that on me!
" Oh Yes I Did!"
Okay so yeah I didn't yell at her or tell her that was wrong to say, I just started laughing I thought it was funny! The things that come out of Brooke's mouth can crack you up.
So this weekend was a pretty eventful one...
Saturday morning Brooke woke up with a horrible sounding cough. By Saturday night it was worse, her and Devin decided to sleep in my mom & dads room and when my dad went to move Brooke over she couldn't stop coughing she coughed for an hour, we tried to give her some of her Albuterol for her Asthma thinking it may help but it didn't eventually she was gasping for air because she was coughing so much! So me and my mom took her to the ER, the doctor could hear her in the hallway (okay everyone could hear her!) and as soon as he walked in, he informed us that she had croup! I admit I freaked out a bit, I have never had to deal with this before I had no clue what it was. They gave her a breathing treatment of epinephrine and some liquid steroids and sent us home with a prescription of steroids. For those of you who have never had to deal with it, its not as bad as many people make it out to sound. All it really is, is a viral infection of the throat that causes the airway to swell up, which causes the barking seal cough sound. From the info I got from the doctor it is basically a cold and your throat is swollen. They told us that we needed to give her plenty of cold fluids to bring the swelling down and we could also either put her in a room with hot steam or put her outside in the cold air. She is doing so much better now (doesn't even cough at night anymore) and when she has a coughing fit during the day we have her stick her head out the door and take some deep breathes and it helps so much! Well me and my mom didn't get home till 3 am and then had to wake up early because we were having my dads family Christmas dinner at the house on Sunday. Everyone had a good time (especially my girls).
Afterwards we went over to our Friends Jeff and Nikki's house to hang out with them and my Brother in law Billy and his wife Ashley because it was Nikki's Birthday.
I brought their daughter Kaylee's Christmas present so that she could open it. and I had to take some pic's of her. So first I actually had to torture their dog Lacey first. Doesn't Lacey looks so cute in her little bow that I forced her to wear? (haha)
Then I had this cute idea to take some pictures of Kaylee in the box that we had put her present in, good thing she is 3 months old because she was able to sit in the box pretty well... See for yourself!

Okay so I don't exactly know what she was doing with that fist there (maybe thinking about punching me in the head for putting her the box?) But I just love how she was posing with her arm up on the edge of the box like that (no one put her that way she did it herself) I wish I could have got her smiling at the camera but hey I had to make some silly faces to get her to smile at me in the first place.

Then Nikki (or maybe it was Ashley) had the idea to put a Christmas bow on her head, so mommy put some bows in her hair on her head. She is a cutie pie isn't she? I just loved the raised eyebrow look she was giving us (her mommy was next to me taking pictures as well).
We took the head band of and put just a Christmas bow on her head, and then she gave us this look.... isn't it just the cutest face you've ever seen? I just loved that look!
After I was done taking some cute shots of Kaylee in a box, I took her over to the rocking chair and tried to get her to go nite nite, Kara wasn't to happy that mommy was holding a baby so I tried rocking both of them ( I need the practice you know) it would have worked out if Kara wasn't being a busy body and wanted out of my lap 2 seconds later.
Yesterday I went to Meijers to get some odds and ends and decided I wanted to start a new tradition and get the girls new Jammies every year to wear on Christmas eve. But I caved and gave um to them last night. (I'm a sucker for new clothes and love to use them right away!)
So I got some individual shots of the girls....

Oh did I mention that these night gowns came with night gowns for thier dolly's? So of course we had to dress up their dolly's too.
Devin had some issues finding the perfect doll, so I told her just to put the gown on one of her favorite stuffed animals so she chose her Pandi.

Kara of course had to be the difficult child and refused to hold her dolly.
Now I ask you how difficult is it to get 3 little girls in the same outfit to take a good picture?
More then 3 I'll tell you that. I didn't have to many issues with Devin and Brooke, but Kara just did not want to cooperate!

See what I mean?

This was the best shot I could get of the 3 of them. At least Devin and Brooke look adorable to bad Kara is look away!

Have I ever told you about how much a Diva my children are? Brooke was hanging out in my moms bed the other day watching tv by herself, which in itself is funny because she is small and the bed is king sized. She told my mom "you should take a picture of me in your bed with my sleeping mask on" So my mom did. after which Brooke tells her " you can go get me some water now." I thought it was funny that Brooke wanted my mom to take her picture so I grabbed my camera and headed up stairs to do the same. Once I got up there I told her that I wanted to take some pictures of her in Grandmas bed and asked her to smile.

I can't smile, I already smile for grandma when she took my picture.
Come on Brookie smile for me just once?
No I can't I already did for grandma

No leave me alone I want to watch tv.....

Do I have to tickle it out of you?

and so I finally got her to smile.......(sort of)

Have you ever just looked at the sky while your driving? Okay so that may be dangerous because then your not paying attention to your driving, so let me refraze that... Have you ever just looked at the sky when someone else is driving?

I always am.... I love looking at the clouds, they are pretty stinking amazing aren't they? The other day we were driving (don't ask me were because I seriously can't remember) and I looked into the sky to see these strange ass cloud formations....

Now tell me that doesn't look crazy? Okay in person it looked alot cooler but still......
Has this post been long enough for you? I guess I shouldn't wait days between post because then I have so much to say the next time I post something.
So with only 3 more days till Christmas (wow 3 more days!) are you in the spirit yet? You know how I keep myself in the holiday spirit? I watch alot of Christmas shows, if there isn't one on tv then I grab on of our many Christmas movies. I just can't seem to watch normal tv with Christmas so close ( I usually get this way about 2 weeks prior to Christmas). Today is Devin's last day of school for Christmas break, Yay I get to sleep in the next week!!! Well if my children will allow me to (which I hope they do).
Well I guess this will be all for now (I can't promise that I won't post again today), You know I lay down at night and I think of all the things that I am going to talk about and have some wonderful ideas then all of a sudden I sign on and I can't think of anything to talk about!
Have a Great Day!

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