Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just 6 more days...

The excitement of Christmas is over whelming to me... I am so excited for this Christmas probably because I got two awesome gifts this year one a brand new mattress and #2 and the best gift of all I am having another baby! (ok I can't say that enough!)
Today we were suppose to be going over to My best freind Stacey's so that our girls (yes she has a girly too) can exchange Christmas gifts, and then we were going to go visit with Davids parents (which we do every weekend but were unable to do last weekend). But... David has been at work since 5:30 this morning (yes he had to be at work at 5:30am!) and it is now 4:20pm... So we will see if we will even be able to go out that way (hopefully we will). Then tommarrow we have my Dad's family Dinner for Christmas, I don't know if he announced it to his family but if not I will get to tell more people that we are having another baby! yeah I know I said it again!
Devin still has to go to school Monday and Tuesday next week and then she has the rest of the week off.
I just can't wait till Christmas! Usually I don't have this much Christmas spirit but I don't know this year I am just all about Christmas! Maybe because my mom decorates the entire house and when we had our own house we normally never decorated except for a tree. Well my
grandparents are here visiting so I'm outta here....

Have a Great Day!

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