Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lets Dance with Santa Clause!

Have you ever seen a giant dancing Santa?
Well my mother in law bought this giant Santa a few years ago, and my girls absolutely love it! Devin knows its not really Santa but I think Brooke may still think he's a little real.
They love making Santa sing and then Dance around the living room.

Devin especially loves to dance around oh and she loves to pose for the camera, can you tell that she loves to ham it up for the camera?

They also wanted to pose with Santa Clause.

Kara on the other hand wanted to dance with the singing reindeer. She carried that thing around all night, and ever time we go to see Grandma that is the first thing that she picks up.

She also loves to give him kisses!

Don't you just love the holidays? The kiddos are enjoying them so much, with the snow on the ground and my mom made a gingerbread house and gingerbread tree and then we also(with my help) made gingerbread Santa sleighs.
With Christmas only 13 more days till Christmas, I believe we have finally got all of our Christmas shopping done. (Hallelujah) Today we went to Art Van and got my Chirstmas gift, David got me (well us) a new mattress for Christmas, it will be delivered to the house tommarrow (yea!) We saw some awesome pillows at the Art Van oh they were so comfortable! I really wish we could have bought them but Oh My Golly they were $350.00 per pillow! So yeah of course we chose not to buy them (maybe we'll save up for them later).
We have tons of presents to wrap! I think it will take us to weeks just to wrap all of them (well you know we live with my parents so of course we have all the presents that my mom and dad purchased and the ones that we purchased). So of course its going to take a while for use to wrap everything.
But tonight we are going to Davids brother and sister in laws to hang out.
So I guess its time to get ready.
Have a Great Day!

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