Monday, December 14, 2009

On the 11th day of Christmas......

Yep thats right 11 days till Christmas....

I know I have showed pictures of the decorated house but guess what there are more! Yes thats right there are more decorations in the house... Wanna see? We'll to bad your gonna see them anyways. (haha)

I know that in this post I showed you all the Gingerbread Christmas tree and House, but guess what we've made more things! Santa's sleighs.

My Mom made the first two (she is alot more talented then I am)
and I made these other two (aren't they crappy?)

my mom also decorated the straircase and going up the staircase is pine garland and green beading and lovely white and red bows here are just a couple bows going up the staircase there are a total of 5.....

So my mom went to Kohls today (she had a $20 coupon, and can you believe I had a $10 coupon went to kohls and forgot to use the flipping thing?!) She seen these Oh So Cute Christmas tree ornaments that look like Gingerbread cookies in the shape of letters. So of course she bought all 7 of our intials. We were going to put them on the Christmas tree and then she came up with an Oh So Cute Idea.....

So here are my Dad and Davids stockings with their intials

Heres the girls
And here are mine and my Moms.
Isn't that such a cute idea?

We also got all of our presents wrapped so we put some under the Christmas tree.... this again is my mom and dads tree

Ok so Devin's best freind Abby will be getting her presents this weekend so intead of putting them under either of the trees we gave her, her own "tree"
and of course this is our tree, and ok just to clear things up because anyone that comes to the house and sees it thinks that its fake, when in fact David cut this tree down himself so yes this is a real tree!
Oh and I bought some ornament from LTD and decided that I wanted to put names on them so here are ornaments for our dogs and my girls.
This is for our family dog (Jake)

and these are for Shaggy and Max (my moms dogs)

and of course Devin, Brooke

and Kara.....
And this ends our little tour of our Christmas decorations, Thank you for joining us, the gift shop is on the right please feel free to buy something for your loved ones. (HAHA)
I must put my darling (and pain in the butt) daughters to bed.
Have a Great Day,

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