Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mommy Look what I can Spell....

So today my Darling Devin was doing her spelling homework and as part of her homework they have to cut out letters and paste them on the paper, Well my mom precut out the letters for her and Devin had a one word left to spell "this". I heard her sounding out the words and out of the blue,
"Mom I can spell a swear word"
"and what word is that?"
I look down to see the word S-H-I-T on the table.....
"And where did you learn to spell that word?"
" I sounded it out" (as she starts to giggle)
"Devin that is not funny! I do not want to see you do that again, and do not tell you teacher that you can do that either!"

Now in a way I can see where this might be funny... Okay yeah in a way it is funny. But at the same time I can't help but be mad! I know we need to watch our language around the kids and I try my hardest to do so, but when she is trying at the age of 6 to spell swear words, this is not good! We are for sure trying to watch what we are saying especially now.

Okay I am starting to laugh more at it now.

Have a Great Day!

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