Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bananas..... Did somebody say Bananas?

OK please tell me you watch the Fresh Beat Band! My girls watch it and I have to be honest I like the show, they do a lot of jumping around (I guess their previous show name was the jumparounds) and singing, and there songs are really catchy! Go here and check out their videos. I think the family favorite is "Bananas", we also like "Friends give Friends a hand", and "Had a Good Day". If you haven't watched the show and you have little ones you might want to check it out for their sake *wink wink*. They are on Nickelodeon at 8:30am, 11:30am, 12:00pm & 3:00pm, We have our Dish Network auto tune to the show when it is on so we don't miss it!

Speaking of Bananas is anyone going crazy yet with Christmas just around the corner and all this snowy weather? I still have stocking stuffer's to buy and maybe a few more things for Devin and you know what as much as I love shopping I just wish I was done! I finally figured out that Devin needs some more jeans but geeze what in the world is "Santa" going to get for the girls stockings? Do any of you have any ideas?? Looks like we won't be spending the same amount on Kara as we are on the other two only because they don't have enough smaller toys for her, but like she will know the difference right? I still have to get Jake's (the dog) his stocking stuffer's, I know it sounds weird we buy our dog a Christmas gift but actually we buy our cats (well cat since we had to get rid of one when we moved) but since the other cat lives with my Mother in Law then maybe we will still buy him something as well.

Hey I don't know when she will start it but if you are looking to loose some weight and want some people to do it with Blair over at Heir to Blair will be starting McFatty Monday's soon, I'm sure I will be joining in on the fun as well. Maybe it will motivate me to loose some weight!

Have a Great Day!

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