Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why are people so Crazy?

Why do people act so stupid? My mother and I are sitting here watching Operation Repo, the way people act is so hilarious, they are just so ridiculous. One girl actually pretended to be pregnant and have her water brake! They never figured out what it was that was supposedly her water but she had a preggo pillow under her shirt! Are you flipping kidding me! People are just so crazy! Its just a stupid car or motorcycle or a quad runner! If you payed your bills they wouldn't be taking them away! Why hassle the Repo guy? They are just doing their job, if you have issues then take them up with the company that hired the repo guy! The episode that we are currently watching the people pulled an AK and a 9mil! Is a dumb car worth going to jail?

Sorry I just had to say something about this! Those kind of things drive me crazy if I can't talk about it.

So on a brighter note... Today we were playing with Kara and the dog barked, so I started saying Arf Arf to her to see if she could say it and she says arf arf but its more like a whining sound... Its so cute trust me.. I'll get it on video one of these days. My mom has also gotten her to say baby as well!

And again on a sadder note... The hubby just informed me that he will be leaving for Maryland on Sunday for at least a week (that's if he can find his certificate for the job). I don't think I mentioned before that Davids work has him traveling, not all the time but it seems when they do we either have things going on or well its just never the right time (okay I never think its the right time). He went to Mexico back in November right after Halloween and missed Kara's first Birthday party and her first Birthday. and the year before that they almost tried to make him leave when Kara was due! Then they made him leave when she was only 2 weeks old and he didn't come back till she was a month old and then he had to leave like a week or two after that. See this wouldn't have been a huge deal except for the fact I was by myself taking care of a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn baby. I will defiantly tell you I had tons of respect for single mothers after this! I mean I always have had respect for them because they are raising their children all their own (my mother was a single parent).

But anyway enough sad stuff.... I have to go take care of Kara she is crying in her crib (having issues falling asleep)

Have a Great Day!

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