Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Weeks (with picture)

So yeah I am 8 weeks today (2 months for those who don't know LOL just playing). time seems to be flying but at the same time it isn't. My doctor's appointment is just 7 days ways and I am so excited I will get to hear "Juniors" (Devin's nickname for the baby) heartbeat and see Junior as well! I wish David could go with me but he will be working and I don't think he has ever taken a day off to go to a doctors appointment with me. But that's alright at least he will see the pictures when he gets home. The nurse said they will give me plenty of pictures, I'm still nervous about switching doctors but at least they are really nice over at the new office that I will be going to! So if you look to your right you will see my 8 week belly shot, I think it looks bigger in the picture I don't know why when I look at myself I don't see that big of a belly. I'm not wearing misleading clothes this time around either, I was wearing maternity yoga pants and a maternity top.
as the same as last week I still have nausea... and it SUCKS! I'm barely hungry because of it and then when I finally decide to eat is taken to long and I get even sicker. Its seems that verners is the only thing that helps keep the nausea away and if I stop drinking it the nausea appears again! Of course I am still completely exhausted, but then again its hard not to be when I have 3 children to take care of (okay mainly its because the youngest of the 3 has issues sleeping, but I can say she has been doing better, but I don't know if it will stay this way). So yeah that was my monthly update.

I have a crabby butt to take care of.

Have a great Day!!

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Alyssa said...

Congrads!!! There is nothing more exciting than bringing new life into the world I so have the baby itch again...WOW baby #4 you are going to have your hands full but I guess by now you have it down.