Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No really I do have a boring life. See......

Were do I begin....

Huh, I guess I will begin with.....I am totally bummed that I don't have that many followers or readers of my blog but then again, I'm sure its boring and I have only been doing this for just over a month so I guess it may take a while to get some followers huh?

Pregnancy is suppose to be a happy time, Right? Then why do I feel so depressed? I can tell you mainly why. When I found out I was pregnant, as soon as that lined appeared I was in shock (complete and udder shock) but I was happy! When I told the Hubs that I was pregnant is reaction wasn't quite the same. Yes he was shocked but, he was far from excited. He said that he was happy but he was just shocked that we were having another baby. But his reactions tell a different story. When ever someone congratulates us of course I smile and say Thank you! when someone congratulates him, its always "uh", "yeah" rolling of the eyes, there is never a smile, never even near happy remark. He's unhappy and I can tell, mainly because he thinks we may end up with another girl, and whats wrong with that? I can say yes I really would like a boy but if we have another girl I don't see anything wrong with it? I just hate when people turn a Happy Event into a negative one! Especially when it happens to be about the life growing inside my uterus! I had some negativity with my last pregnancy too, its just so aggravating! I don't last night he asked how I was and when I mentioned I was sick to my stomach he didn't change the subject but then again he also thought I said I was being kicked in the stomach (by the baby). But I was being kicked in the stomach also yesterday by a little butt named Kara. I know I can be sensitive and over react sometimes but he should be happy, God has blessed us with another child!

Okay I will get away from that subject because who wants to hear me whine and moan all day?
Have I mentioned lately that I am exhausted and don't feel good? Yeah I am definatly sure you don't want to hear me complain about that all the time huh? Sorry, as I said before my life is pretty boring especially now since I became pregnant because my day mainly consists of getting up before day break to get Devin ready for school, getting Kara her breakfast and turning on Nick Jr (because she loves thier music shows), taking Devin to the bus stop (which is our driveway), checking my email and other such stuff, laying on the couch because I am exhausted (which I will lay there and play with Kara unless she is interested in something else), put Kara down for a nap, take a nap myself, get Kara her lunch, eat my lunch, and hang out (unless there is some cleaning to be done then I do that as well), I am sure you are wondering why I havent mentioned Brooke, that is because she has been gone for 2 days at my grandmas staying the night and really there isn't much of a difference when she is home, I just have two kids to take care of then. So you see I have a boring life, LOL. I am just to tired to do anything anymore..... So I will be back later (to post my 8 week update).

Have a Great Day!

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dinahjo said...

Too bad dh isn't as happy as you are. I'm throwing some boy baby dust your way. I know the both of you would really like that. However if it is another girl at least she will have plenty of hand me downs from her big sisters.