Saturday, January 2, 2010

My First Preggo update (with Picture)

I was thinking about documenting my pregnancy on my blog. Is everyone okay with that? Well to bad if you aren't because I am.
I know that this is a bit late but I just thought about and since I already took my 5 1/2 week belly pic I will post it here.
My next belly picture will be at 8 weeks. I won't bore you weekly because I will probably forget to take a weekly picture anyways.

So yeah this is my belly at 5 1/2 weeks, is it a preggo belly or a bloated belly or just plain fat... I don't really want to be the judge of that (but between you and me I am wearing regular jeans unbuttoned and partically unzipped with a belly band on so that might be why it looks weird).
So far pregnancy isn't to horrible but yes I have the morning sickness, especially when I haven't eaten in a while is when it gets worse, luckily for me (and everyone around me) I haven't vomited yet. Thankfully I always eat before its to late. But Oh My I am so stinking tired! And I know some of it is Kara's fault, man this kid can't figure out weather she wants to sleep normally or fuss all the stinking time. She has her days when she takes a really good nap or two and goes to bed no problem, then the has her nights were she fusses constantly and doesn't want to take a nap or got to bed at night. But I think I have to place some of the blame on this little bundle in my tum-tum, because I am not sleeping well and even if I get enough sleep I am still exhausted and ready to go back to sleep (is it nap time?).
As far as weight gain goes, I am not quite sure on that one, I've weighed myself at home a few times but it doesn't seem like I have gained much if any weight. My appointment is January 14, 2010 and I can't wait! Just 12 more days to go till I get to see Bundle on the big screen (ok the small ultrasound screen).
Since I didn't come up with this idea till this week, You will be updated again next week with my 8 week update. (can you believe I am almost 8 weeks?)

Have a Great Day

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