Friday, January 1, 2010

Shake it......

*Disclaimer - If there are children present please don't let them read this, I don't want them to read anything in appropriate. This is a PG: shoot its for adults okay*

So this may not necessarily be an appropriate subject or post for a Mommy Blog but Oh My it is so funny!

Have you seen this New exercise yet? Go ahead I'll give you a few minutes to go over and check out the video, well its only 1 min 51 sec's long but you may need some extra time to laugh your ass off. Yes I may have a dirty mind but what does that remind you of? I know I am not the only one who thinks this because my mom and Stacey had the same thoughts as I did. Please tell me that you noticed that you mine as well be giving a hand job to your significant other? Its probably just as effective, and at the same time you may get something more out of it too! You won't get anything special from the Shake Weights.
I'm sorry I just had to say something it cracks me up!

Have a Great Day!

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dinahjo said...

Gotta love all of those cleave shots in the commercial too, that really doesn't help this product out.