Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE... Whats your resolution?

Do you have a New Years Resolution? I know I have seen a lot of this on Facebook and Myspace and some of the Blogs I follow. Normally my resolution is to loose some weight (which I end up disappointing myself later). For obvious reason I will not be trying to loose weight this year (well at least not till after August). So I have decided some of my resolutions will have to wait till August to be taken care of.
My first resolution is that when this new little bundle gets here I will with all my power try breast feeding and succeed to do so! If I have troubles with it I will seek professional help. I am also going to start researching it now so that I know as much as I can about it before baby gets here.
My second resolution is once this little bundle gets here I will make sure that I eat as healthy as I can (okay I know I will probably cheat a little) but I will try my hardest to loose weight but stay healthy so that I can continue to breastfeed. (I need to get healthy for my kiddos and myself so that I can be more active and not be the lazy butt I have been)
My third, which I try to strive for every year of my life. To be a good wife to my husband and good mother to my children. And of course which has already been a work in progress, which I have gotten better at (but at times it gets bad) is to stop yelling so much at my children when they misbehave hoping to find a better way to discipline my children without yelling at them so damn much. They deserve better then to be screamed at when they do wrong and I am striving to control that issue.

Oh if you were wondering Kara is doing a little better with her sleeping. I am trying to make sure that she gets enough sleep during the day so that she goes to bed on time (yeah kinda weird ain't it), the night before she went to bed on time and didn't have any issues (well except for a few times were she lost her binkie, and then last night I put all the girls to bed a little later and I think Kara's main issue was I didn't have her calm down before I put her to bed but... she didn't go to sleep before 11:30pm but she did wake up multiple times fussing for her binkie or baba. I know tonight we may have some since it is NYE and we have some company coming over (not a lot, don't get me wrong its not a party). Hopefully there wont be to much commotion going on for her to go to bed. She has taken two naps today already, so hopefully that is enough sleep for her.

I'm pretty bummed out, since me and David have been together we have never been away from each other for NYE let alone in a totally different state then each other. I am pretty bummed out about this I miss my hubby! Okay you wanna know a secret? okay its not really a secret but other then when he has been out of town for work we have not been away from each other very much since we have been together. Yea yea I know NYE is not a huge holiday but I still would like to be with him (to bad he is over 8 hours away). I was going to leave last night to be with him but my Mom & Dad didn't want me to go unless someone went with me and well... for one no one would have been able to go because pretty much all of my friends either have husbands or families that they can't just leave with a few hours notice. But then I started to think about it, I want to go to Maryland to be with my Hubby and if a friend were able to go with me how stupid would that be that, they would not be able to spend time with their significant other and they would feel like a third wheel, and as much as I want to spend time with the hubby I can't be that selfish that's just not right.

Oh, oh, oh guess what? I had to go to Motherhood Maternity and buy some comfy pants, I wish I could have bought more and maybe I will go online later and do so but I got some oh so comfy yoga pants and so oh so awesome velour jogging pants! ahh to not have to wear jeans all the time... If I could I would have just spend all day in my jammie's but I can't go to the store my jammie's now can I?

Well I hope you all have a wonder New Years Eve! Be safe, Drive safe, Drink responsibly, and see you next year!

Have a Great Day!

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Nicole said...

Yay for yoga pants! I a going to try to get a sponsor and a giveaway for yoga pants on my blog.

Like I said before, I know a really wonderful Lactation Consultant and I have had my fair share of challenges breastfeeding my little one, so if you do need encouragement when the time comes, I am here :)

Have a great New Year!