Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yeah your freaking out now to aren't you? Yeah that's the way I felt when I woke up this morning after having a dream that my doctor lied to me and said there was only one baby in there and there happened to be 3!!! This is now the 2nd dream I have had with this pregnancy that I was having triplets, I know that dreams don't always mean anything but wouldn't you freak out too? The first dream I had was about having twins and now triplets. You know and the really strange part about that as well is that I have been afraid since I found out I was preggo that something bad is going to happen.(this is the first time I have told anyone this too!) With all my other pregnancies of course I had my worries but I felt the pregnancy from the beginning it was real to me from the start, but this time around it still hasn't kicked in! Seriously I have had an ultrasound and seen the baby (as well as the heartbeat) and I still am in disbelief that we are having another baby, and with so many people that are pregnant (over on the Aug 2010 pregnancy board on parents.com) are having miscarriages its scaring me more then ever! Usually I have noticeably started showing but this time around it seems like its taking longer to start showing (probably because I am bigger then I was before).
I know that my fears are probably pointless but its hard to not let it bother me.
I just don't know why I feel this way! I wish there was an easy solution to stop these feelings but I have no clue what to do to stop feeling like this! Maybe its because these hormones have me overly sensitive right now, who knows.

But its nap time so....
Have a great Day!

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