Monday, January 25, 2010

PMS in a 6 year old?

Is it possible for a 6 year old to suffer from PMS without having a period? I seriously think that she does! This child is so emotional! Yesterday we went and visited the inlaw. When we went over my brother-in-laws things were fine, until it came time right before we were going to leave. Mommy I want something to eat? Well we are leaving so you can wait till we eat dinner, and then the whining began! We told her to get her shoes on that was a big fuss because she was still whining. You know I don't know what it is about my brother-in-laws house but everytime we go there she ends up throughing a huge whining fit! She continued this for 10 minutes! I got fed up with it and grabbed her coat and started to walk her out the door, all of a sudden " I have to pee!" I was so mad at this point I told her she would have to wait! This whining and crying lasted for another 20 minutes! Finally she stopped so the Hubby stopped at a rest stop for her to go pee. This morning I tried to be calm as I woke her up to get ready for school (even though I was still very angry with her and the fit she threw!) I told her not to take her time getting ready to just feed her cats and get her teeth brushed, her and her sister were in the bathroom for more then 5 minutes I yelled up and asked what she was doing, "I'm about to brush my teeth!" then the whining begins again! " I hate this tooth paste! I don't want to use it!", I tried to explain to her that, it was all the tooth paste we had and she needed to just get her teeth brushed. The whining continued because she didn't want to brush her teeth with that tooth paste. I had a fine day with the other two kids, no problems. Then Devin came home.... She got upset and started whining because I told her she couldn't have an oreo because she already ate her after school snack. then when it came time to doing her home work, I tried to be calm about it all, told her we were going to do her reading first, she starts reading and everytime she messed up a word I just pointed at it to let her know that she messed it up, and everytime she would go into a slump and whine, then when she was doing her math homework she threw a fit when I tried to explain what she was suppose to be doing. "I've done this before I know what I'm doing!" , I tried to explain calmly to her that she was doing it wrong and reread the directions to her again.

I swear I don't know what her issue is!! I know she doesn't pull this crap at school. But as soon as she walks in the door in the afternoon up until she leaves on the bus in the morning she does nothing put whine and cry about every little thing! I don't know how much more of this I can handle before she drives me insane! I try to explain to her the way she should handle all this and she does not listen, she thinks she is smarter then everyone in the house and none of us know what we are doing! I need help and I don't know how to handle this!!!

Have a Good Night!

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