Thursday, January 28, 2010

Walking through the house in your underwear

Ok so I figured yesterday since Kara is now in a toddler bed, and whenever she goes into the bathroom she grabs her toilet seat and says pee pee, that maybe we could try out some big girl undies. Oh she knows that you are suppose to go pee pee in the toilet but she doesn't understand what pee pee is yet. So yesterday I put some training underwear on her and let her run around the house for about 10-15 minutes (she had to go down for her nap). I just happened to capture some pictures of her running around in her underpants.

She was loving playing in the underwear

but for some reason she kept doing this? I don't quite understand it.

obviously most of the time she was running away from me.

she finally sat down next to me

Don't you just love those blue eyes?

I think someone is ready for a hair cut.
The whole time she was in undies not once did she pee (yay! no mess for me to clean) but I am sure once that diaper got put back on she went to town.
Have a Great Day!

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