Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kara's first sentence....

So tonight after dinner, Kara was still in her high chair and Papa (my dad) was talking to her. so this is exactly how it played out....

Papa: Kara say baby
Kara: Baby
Papa: Say baby
Kara: Baby
Mama(me): Kara tell Papa Shut your Pie Hole!
Kara: Shut your pie hole!

I kid you not she repeated every word! The entire table (consisting of me, the hubby, my mom, and dad, well and Brooke sitting at her little table) erupted into laughter! I was brought to tears it was so funny, ok it wasn't right that, that was her first sentence, but it was hilarious!
After wards my dad tried to get her to say it again, she shoot her head no and smiled at him, so I told her to tell papa to shut your pie whole again and sure enough she repeated it again.
Is it wrong that we are letting a 14 month old say this? Its just so stinking funny! Sorry but it is!

Have a Great Day!


Alyssa said...

That's too funny!!!When they're just starting to speak, how we want them to say anything. For some reason, though, as time goes on they seem to pick up what we least want them to say...

Glad about your success with alphabet!!!
Yeah,n yeah, yeah! Keep it up!

Theta Mom said...

So funny! And thanks for stopping by my bog...and if you follow, please let me know so I can follow as well!

Theta Mom said...

Following ya mama!

Jen said...

Hey Catrina,

Re: PTPA button - if you're on the Mom Panel, they should send it to you once you're approved.

If you're an evaluator, I'm not sure how that works? Perhaps, they'll send you a button once you're given a product?