Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 3 month mark....

So last Friday I hit the 12 week mark, yes I know this is a week late but I didn't have my doctors appointment till today so I wanted to wait instead of posting again. So yes this week I am not 13 weeks officially in the 2nd trimester! Yay, what a milestone. So if you have been following me or you know me, you know that yes I still am suffering from severe nausea and food SUCKS, I hate food, and have to force myself to eat everyday. Today my doctor prescribed me some Zofran for the nausea and I am hoping so much that it helps.
I have lost 6lbs since my last doctors visit 4 weeks ago (of course its hard not to when you barely eat all day and throw up. I don't throw up all the time but with being sick last week, and some days waiting to long to eat (because I don't want to) causes me to vomit. I heard the baby's heartbeat today, which made me feel great to hear, since this pregnancy is still so unreal to me. In the picture above it may look like I am starting to show a little but honestly I am not showing much at all, I was bigger at this point in my last pregnancy, but for some reason (maybe because I started out with a bigger frame in this pregnancy) I'm not showing like I normally have. I get to have the dreaded blood work done (before my next appointment in 4 weeks). I think I actually felt this little one move the other day, but I am not exactly sure if it was the baby or not. I am definatly feeling exhausted, I need to sleep alot! It sucks that the hubby is layed off right now but at the same time its helpful because he was able to sleep in Kara's room with her so I could sleep last night (she again didn't get her afternoon nap, and woke up in the middle of the night to play).
I normally need to take a nap at least once a day but the last few days because we are trying to get thing rearranged in the house I have not been able to nap. Hopefully with this 2nd trimester I will see less nausea and more energy. I can hope can't I?

Have a Great Day!

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Congratulations on reaching 12 weeks
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