Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still here....

So if you wondering yes I am still here (bummer huh?). Anywho, the Hubby has been off work since last week (business is slow) and we have, for the most part been spending time together. (does watching tv and playing Nintendo DS with the kids count as spending time together?) Yesterday Kara had her 15 month check up and although the appointment went mostly well, she had some bad points, She is a Happy little 15 month old don't worry she is right on track, weighing 22.12lbs (51 % for weight) and 31 1/2 in long (83% for height) and she has a big head (which she always has). She was only suppose to get her normal shots because she was suppose to have her H1N1 shot back in November (right after she got over H1N1 and Pnuemonia) but I guess the retarded nurse that she seen either did not give her the shot or did not put it down in her paper work because they have no record of her getting the shot so she had it (again). Before her appointment she had a cold, the doctor looked her over and said that her lungs sounded clear and they checked her 02 stats and they were normal. She hated getting having the doctor looked her over as soon as we sat her on the table for the doc to check her lungs she freaked out so I had to hold her through the whole exam. Afterwards she was not a happy baby anymore (would you be after 4 shots in your thighs, having a cold and teething on top of that? I didn't think so) She had a horrible day after her appointment and was crabby the whole time. After I put her to bed (early I might add) she get waking up screaming (I wonder if she was dreaming about the shots) so the hubby and I put her in bed with us while we watched some tv (no she didn't get to as much as she tried) and she slept there for a few hours, I was finally able to get her in her bed for the rest of the night. Today she did alot better although her cough seems to be getting worse she hasn't been as crabby, we did have an issue after nap time she was screaming and I think her tummy was hurting because when I went to change her diaper just the movement of her leg being pulled up hurt and when I tried to touch her tummy she freaked out. Then bedtime was another problem. We put her to bed and I tried to let her cry is out but the poor kid was screaming bloody murder it was horrible like she was hurt or something so we brought her in out bed again and that is were she is at right now, I am sure I will eventully put her back in her bed, (we just can't have more then me and the hubby in the bed there is just not enough room). So there you have it, well not really did I forget to mention that my other two daughters have a cold as well? I kept Devin home from school yesterday because she had a real low grade fever, today the fever was gone so she went back to school but tommarrow is a snow day (yeah I already got the phone call from the school its been snowing since this morning and hasn't stopped and probably won't till tommarrow. I spent most of the day today (other then the time taking care of the kids, and cooking dinner) playing the Nintendo DS Super Mario Bros game, I was trying to beat the game with all the gold coins from every level (if you have played you know what I am talking about) and I finally did! Now I can relax (hahaha). I'm still not feeling good from when I was really sick last week and couldn't keep any food down (mostly just congested) but the morning sickness does help any either. I really hope this lets up soon I don't know how much more I can handle. I have my OB appointment on Thursday so maybe she will be able to prescribe me a new med that won't make me pass out all day. So I guess that is all for now. I'll try to post again tommarrow (if I am up to it) we are in the process of empting the office so Kara and the new baby (when it gets here) can share that room together, we don't have tons more to do so we are almost done, hopefully Kara will be ok with sleeping in her own room.

Have a Great Night!

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