Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting to know you?

Time for a little funday..Getting to know YOU action..

To play..Grab the questions..copy them..answer them..then come back here and link on up..

It's as easy as easy gets..


The questions..

1. How often do you wash/change your sheets?
Can I plead the fifth on this one?

2. When is your birthday?
July 5th

3. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?
Nopers, I just started blogging....

4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
George Clooney (have you see from dusk till dawn? I think he looks HOTT in that movie)

5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
Theres alot! do I have to pick just one? Hum I guess my boobs. I need a reduction bad! I

6. How often do you wash your hair?
Mostly everyday sometimes every other day.

7. Do you have pets?
Yes, we have a dog - Jake and cat- Chop Suey, but we live with my parents so she has 2 cats-snuggles and cuddles & 2 dogs- Shaggy and Max

8. How many social networks do you belong to..if you had to give up one, what would it be?
Are you ready for this? Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, community (more then one). Twitter would be the one I would give up.


Heather said...

We have the same birthday :). How neat!!!

Kimberly said...

I am doing this also for Sunday! Your girls are beautiful!!!!

HD said...

Helloooo George Clooney. I think the majority of people from Keely's blog have agreed. (o:

mrs. b. said...

saw you on MannLand5's link up! and it seems like everyone would give up twitter...i would too! love your blog layout, btw. *super* cute. :)

Momof3inVA said...

Haha...I remember George Clooney from way back when during Facts of Life...the consesus definitely seems to be fore him. ;)

Happy Sunday!