Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are you sitting in suspense?

I bet your sitting there wondering.... What is going on with Devin? What did the doctor say? Is it for sure broken? Well I had to call the doctor yesterday (when they were suppose to contact me!) The x-rays show no visible signs of fractures, but there is a lot of swelling (who ever it was that was reading it to me said that it said there was a build up of mucous but Devin hasn't been sick so she said its probably swelling). She still looks like poo but not as badly as it was. The swelling has gone down some, but her nose still looks crooked (again could be because of the swelling) and the bruising is spreading (I'm guessing she will have black eyes soon). Other then that she is doing good, it only hurts if you try to touch her nose. She has an appointment with her ENT on Tuesday so hopefully he will be able to tell us more then.

Do you want to know whats going on with everyone else? Tough your going to find out anyways.

Brooke has been learning her ABC's, Ok we've been repeatedly been watching Leap Frog's Letter Factory (and when I say repeatedly I mean if we watch it one day we will watch it 2-4 times in one sitting). Brooke is doing great at learning her letters, because on top of recognizing what they look like she is learning their sounds as well. She can now recognize all but 4 letters and the one letter that she has trouble with "S" she can tell you the sound it makes just not what letter it is. She enjoys getting a piece of paper and writing some of the letters down. I've learned (through my experience with Devin & now Brooke) that it doesn't do either of us any good to sit down and force her to do something that will stress both of us out. So we are going at her pace. Watching the letter factory is helping a great deal because it is actually getting her interested in learning the letters, and I don't have to say hey lets write out our letters she does it on her own. (I probably should get more involved and sit down and see how many she can actually write out but I don't want to stress her out, she gets stressed and whiny very fast). We've talked to Brooke about being a big girl and going to school like Devin (Brooke will be 4 in less then a month and we plan on sending her to preschool in the fall), that opens a whole can of worms, she starts pouting "I don't want to go to school". I wonder were this stems from? Devin loves school even now she still loves school. So for now I am trying to keep her learning as stress free as possible hoping that she will learn to love learning.

Kara is growing and learning... She amazes us all everyday. She is learning new words and talking more, but her actions (at her age) are what amazes us (especially my dad). If she knows we are leaving soon (and she can reach her coat) she will grab it (and her shoes) and hand them to you to put on her and say bye bye. When its time for her milk all you have to say is baba and she runs to the cabinet were the bottles are and waits for her milk.
* Ok let me interrupt my ramblings about all the Kara does to say yes (holding head in sham) she still gets a bottle but only when she gets her milk before nap time and bed time. She takes sippys the rest of the time, but is having trouble letting go of the baba, if you put the milk in a cup she won't drink it all before her nap (or bedtime) actually as I write this I am beginning to think that maybe we should just allow her to have milk through out the day (she usually only gets 3-4, 5oz bottles of milk a day) instead of offering it before nap and bed. (things that make you go Hmmmm.)*
She is beginning to help out a lot more, She know were her diapers are in her room and most of the time when you ask her to get you one she will get it, and we are teaching her to throw her own diapers away (since her sister are beginning to hate that job LOL). Her papa (my dad) plays with the kiddos (all 3 of them), he will make a fist and say "I poke your nose" and Kara will now put her hand up (she refuses to make a fist) and say "poke nose". I could go on about all the words she knows but then that would take up a lot of time and space because she learns new words all the time. We have a little table (for the kids) and she will actually sit at it and eat like a big girl, so we are planning on getting another chair for her so she can join her sisters at the kiddie table. I think she is starting to wean herself off of naps because she is napping less and less lately, but on a positive note she is sleeping through the night (with an occasional waking, well whining because she can't find binkie). All of our kiddo's so far have had a certain musical artist that would keep them calm while in the car. With Devin it was Eminen (yeah I know..)and Mindy McCready, I believe (I can't quite remember) with Brooke is was also Mindy McCready, and with Kara its (no not Mindy McCready) Taylor Swift. Its calms her even more if Mommy sings too. Yeah I have a horrible singing voice but I have been singing her lullaby's since before she was born (ok I was singing to Brooke but still...) Mommy's horrible singing voice soothes her what can I say.

I guess I can update on Devin a little although you already know what she has been through that past few days. I can defiantly say I am proud of her! Report cards came a few weeks ago and next to reading there was a note from the teacher saying at that point the expectations of the students was at a level 8 for reading and Devin was at a level 13/14, the other day she brought home a book that was a level 14/15. She does pretty well with her math and writing, but she does give us a hassle when it comes to doing that homework.

All in all the kids are doing good. There really isn't much to update with me or the hubs (well I tell you whats going on with me all the time). So I think that is all for the day.

Have a Great Day!

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