Friday, February 26, 2010

How much more can this child take?

I love this girl I really do, I mean how can you not love that face (and the many other silly faces she makes)
If you have been following my blog for the past week you know what this poor child has been going through. If you haven't let me recap....
First last Friday while getting out of the car at the doctors office to see them for another issue she was dealing with she tripped and fell out of the car flat on her nose. It swelled up, bleed and bruised. It looked broken but after seeing the ENT on Tuesday of the week we found out that it indeed was was not broken (Thank God!). Well before we even got to see the doctor on Tuesday. She was playing with her sister Brooke and cousin Dimitri in the play room and some how managed to hit her nose on his head (ouch). Needless to say she was hurting, she came upstairs to get some comfort and ran right into a chair and bent her nose over! I still don't see how she didn't brake her nose with as much as she had hit it. So lets see she busted her nose 3 times within 3 days. Thankfully that has begun to heal and she is looking so much better and the swelling is almost gone the bruising looks so much better!
Last night Devin and Brooke were again downstairs in the basement playing in the toy room and well I guess were playing or wrestling on the bed (which there is a ton of stuff next to the bed waiting for spring to come so we can have a garage sale) and some how Devin managed to hit a metal vent that was in the pile and cut her foot. I was trying to get Kara some milk and all of a sudden heard Devin screaming I can't walk up the stairs I had no clue what was going on. I kinda tossed the sippy cup on the floor for Kara to grab and ran down the stairs to see Devin and the bottle holding her foot with blood just dripping all over the floor. I grabbed her up, grabbed her foot trying to put pressure on it to keep it from bleeding all over the house on the way up the stairs. Let me tell you write now its hard to carry a 43lb child up the stairs and hold her foot in the process while trying to open a baby gate and bathroom door. After finally getting the bleeding to cease (by letting water just flow over her foot) we were finally able to look were the cut even was. Poor kid its between her baby toe and the one next to it. Its not to deep (Thankfully), the hubby describes it as a extremely bad paper cut (but with metal!). She is obviously having trouble walking because her foot hurts so bad.
I just don't know when this kid will get a break. My other two are klutzy but no where near as bad as Devin is. Back during the summer Devin slammed her finger in the door and almost broke it (We again got lucky that she didn't brake it, but her nail did fall off). She always seems to be hurting herself on something. I just hope she will grow out of this!
Do any of you have a child this accident prone? I guess the hubby was pretty accident prone and klutzy as a child, what am I saying he still hurts himself all the time (that boy is covered in scars), shoot he just a few days ago broke his baby toe (what a dork). I know when I was little I hurt myself a lot but I don't think it was nearly as bad as Devin or the Hubby.
I just hope this cut heals fast.
Well I need to get some breakfast and put Kara down for a nap, so....
Have a Great Day!

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Kimberly said...

Sounds like Devin is going to be like your husband! I think there is one in every family!

Here's to an "uneventful" day for you!