Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The moment you have been waiting for

Okay so its one of the moments you have been waiting for (the other being the sex of the baby). We have finally finished the babies room. Before I continue and let you all the pretty pics, The jumper (which you will see) is not staying in the room I am going to be putting my rocker in there but have been to lazy and Kara likes to lay under the jumper and sometimes sleep under it. Also this room use to be a office so hence the dark red color, but I did not want to repaint it and so far Kara has had no issues with the room so we are happy with it and the color ( I actually really like it!)

So without further Ado.......

Here is the view from the door as you walk into the room- what you are looking at is Kara's bed and toy cubes. You may be wondering what is on the wall well that is the bumper pad to the crib. Our crib is a mini crib so the bumper was to big and also since
bumper pads are deemed dangerous to infants I would prefer not to use it.

Next you are looking at Kara's bed (which will be painted white eventually) and the bedding that my grandmother made for us. We did pick out the fabric it was the only thing we could find that matched the crib bedding the closest.
Here is another view of "Kara's wall" with all her toys in her toy cube.

Here is the baby's bedding.

And part of the window, tv, jumper and dresser

A whole view of the "baby's wall"

And yet another view of the "baby's wall"

So there you have it I guess you could call this the nursery. Can it be called a nursery of there is another child in the room? I don't think I have ever had an actually nursery.
Have a Great Day!


mrs. b. said...

cute! and what a great idea for the bumber. i *love* the color of the walls...very cool!

lovelyviolet5 said...

Lovely room and soo colourful!!Lovely for kids!!!

Alyssa said...

Catrina, I think it's fabulous that siblings will be sharing the bedroom/nursery...Is Devin excited about it? It looks like you've created separate spaces for her and the baby. I love the toy bin. I
adore the crib/bedding. Really well done!

Are you sleeping?????

Catrina said...

Devin really wanted her own room but I think she understands why Kara and the baby need to share a room. Kara seems to really like her room and sleeps so much better now that she is in there. thanks I wanted to make sure everything kinda match (and i am not very good at decorating but I tried LOL).

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Found you on Mommy Blogs! Sending a vote your way!! I know you are bored but hang in there kiddo! :)
Mama Holli

Catrina said...

as of late we have certainly not been bored LOL.