Friday, February 19, 2010

Panic Mode...

So a little tmi but Devin has been having some accidents yesterday and today, she doesn't feel the urge to pee but leaks a little. So we made an appointment last night for today. Before I get to why I (and everyone else in my family) are in panic mode, let me just say that she is a little dehydrated (her urine was concentrated?) and she is constipated which is probably what is causing the leaking.

Ok my reason for Panic....When we got to the doctors office the first one out of the car was Devin, well I don't know how it happen, if she tripped on something or she tried to jump out of the car but she landed face first onto the cement on her nose! I freaked because I couldn't just scoop my baby up and carry her into the doctors because I still had to get her two sisters out of the car. I rushed her in (as fast as I could) and they took her back and got her cleaned up, it took forever for the doctor to come in and look at her and then it took forever to get the X-ray and now we are in a waiting game waiting to find out if she for sure broke her nose. My dad looked at it and so did the hubby and although they are not doctors they both said that it looks broken because it is a little crooked. I'm freaking out right now! I don't want to see her go through the pain of having it set!
Thankfully she is feeling good right now and her daddy is taking her to a daddy/daughter dance. (still not sure if that is such a good idea, but at least if she has to go to the hospital to get her nose set the school is close to the hospital.

So now you see why I am in panic mode, and now I sit here and wait..... (I hate waiting)

Have a great Day!

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