Friday, February 19, 2010

My silly girls...

As I sit here thinking about what to write I am watching my 15 month old daughter well fall off the ottoman but that wasn't what I wanted to say, I am watching her climb all over her 3 year old sister. I love watching them interact and play. Ok maybe its not good that I am constantly saying "Brooke get off of her!" or that Brooke is constantly crying because Kara has done something that she doesn't like, for instants just a second ago Kara tried brushing Brooke's hair only problem is that Brooke has been playing and her hair is super knotted. I was just about to take some pictures to show them playing but now they don't want to play with each other anymore. Kara wants to try and destroy my computer with the brush though.
Is it wrong that when they climb on each other and cry I laugh? Its hard not to sometimes especially when Kara is the one making Brooke cry, she is defiantly strong for her age.
Well I was going to wait till we had Kara and the new baby's room done for the big reveal of the bedrooms but my grandma is in the process of making Kara's bed spread and pillow case and she is suppose to put it together this weekend. I am just getting impatient and want to show everyone, I was actually contemplating showing you Kara's room before her bedspread was finished but no I show restraint and wait. So.... without further ado I present Devin and Brooke's room finally finished (ok we may add some decorations, and my grandma has to finish the valance, but right now its good enough!)
Just a side note this room was blue when we moved in and I didn't feel like painting. So there!
Brooke gets the bottom bunk (which she loves, because its so bouncy) and Devin has the top bunk
The curtains go with the bedding, and the little strip things hanging next to them are the tie backs that we are to lazy to put up.
This is probably the cleanest you will ever see this room (yeah right my mom is a clean freak)
Devin is a camera hog and had to get in at least one shot (that's my girl)

So what do you think? I thought is was fine the way it was (although nothing matched) but my mom wanted it to look "like a kids room" and she thought it just looked like a room "thrown together" and now that the bedding matches the curtains and the walls shes happy. I wish I had before pictures but oh well.....

Hopefully next week I will be able to show you Kara's room.

Have a Great Day!


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