Thursday, February 4, 2010

sleepy time....

So I have been searching and searching for baby bedding for the new little bundle that I am not even 12 weeks preggo with. Yeah I know we have no clue what we are having just yet but I want to start buying some things already. Ok shhh can you keep a secret? But Amanda over at The Eco-Friendly Family posted about the Sophie the Giraffe being on sale at and I took the opportunity to buy one (ok I didn't really save much money because they are like originally around $20 and after shipping I still spent $20, but oh well I finally got a Sophie the Giraffe.

I wanted to buy Kara one but they were so expensive and I just couldn't see spending that much money on a teething toy, but I have really been wanting to get the new baby something and I saw this as my opportunity, but again shh the hubby doesn't know about it yet. Don't worry I will tell him once it comes in the mail but he really doesn't need to know now because he will have no clue what I am talking about anyways.

Anyways back to the bedding. I think we have made up our mind and found a baby bedding that we can all agree on (I say all because I have been asking my moms advice as well). You see Kara and "Junior" will be moving into the office which is a dark red color. I really don't feel like painting the damn room (even though my mom keeps insistanting that I can) to me it will cost money (that I don't want to and don't have to spend) and it will take up time the I don't want to do. So we found a bedding with a dark red color in it that is really cute and gender neutral. I can't wait to go buy it (hopefully this weekend if the hubby will allow me to). I am hopeing to go to Babies R Us or Toys R Us this weekend did you know that they are having a trade in event? well if you didn't click here and go check out I am hoping to take our old car seat in and trading it in for a new car seat. So yeah check out the picture below to see the bedding that we found.

What do you think? Its cute ain't it? I want the whole set! Everything, the bedding set comes with 6 pieces and then they have the wall decals in the back and the lamp and the diaper stacker (ok we don't really need that) and the mobil and the blankie with the giraffe on it. I don't know how the hubby is going to feel about this idea as it will cost some money but everything looks so cute together doesn't it? Oh and did you see the bed skirt I am normally not a fan of them but I just think it is so adorable!!
Since Kara will be sharing a room with the new baby I am still at a loss at what kind of bedding we will get for her toddler bed. But I have some time to figure it out. Well I have to go put my 3 little devil girls to bed.

Have a Great Day!


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! Friday following!

Alyssa@bloggin2noggin said...

Hmm...I've tried to comment at least 14 times using's going a little crazy on me. Anyway, Sophie the Giraffe is adorable and I love the new bedding. Enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

dinahjo said...

I love the bedding. Sending you boy baby dust!