Thursday, February 4, 2010

MIA for a few days.

So I haven't posted in 2 days, but do you really care? Probably not since most of my blogging is much ado about nothing.... Well I have been sick for a few days, yesterday I slept almost the entire day, In the morning and at lunch I was unable to keep food down so as you can see I wasn't much in the mood to blog about anything at all. I am feeling a little better today and so is Kara if anyone was wondering, oh did I forget to mention she has been sick to. Not as sick as I but then again she isn't 11 1/2 weeks pregnant either. Of course then again there have been a few times that I went MIA so I guess this is nothing new huh?
If anyone was wondering my mom had a pretty good Birthday even with the doctors appointments that she had to attend, we bought her Arby's for dinner (her choice) and my dad bought her a bunch of stuff and flowers (sweet ain't it).

Well I have to go put Kara down for her afternoon nap (hopefully she will actually nap today, since yesterday was a no go) and do some laundry.

Have a Great Day!

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