Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my weekend.... in a nut shell.

Sorry I haven't posted alot lately, its not my fault really... Ok maybe it is a little but its mainly the hubby's fault. The hubby has been layed off and he has taken over my computer playing Mahjong Titans. He plays this game all stinking day long (unless we actually leave the house). Ok so I could get on one of the other computer (we have 3 total, my mom has a laptop, desktop, and I have a laptop) but I love my laptop and don't really want to sit at the desktop computer and I really don't like my moms keyboard on her laptop. We actually have been pretty busy this past weekend to, We tried to visit the hubbys parents on saturday but they were gone so we went and visited his brother, and then later that night we had our Valentines dinner, Sunday we had to take the older two over to my aunts for thier first over night at her house, then we visited the hubbys parents. We have been searching all over the place the last few days trying to find some material or bedding for Kara's bed so we could finally finish up her room. Yesterday we had to take my car into the shop (stupid windshield wiper motor keeps blowing a fuse) and then the search was on again, we went to joann fabrics and finally found some striped bedding that goes with the baby bedding, the colors are brighter but we figure once we wash it, it should fade a bit so they won't be so bright. Last night my mother and I put the baby bedding on the crib (yeah I know we are a bit early but I don't want to wait!) We couldn't figure out what to do with the bumper pad since a) the crib is a mini crib so the bumper pad is actually to big. and b) your not suppose to use then anyways. So we tacked them up to the wall and kinda made a puffy wall border. Its different but it does look good. Thankfully my grandma had to drop our girls off so she was able to take the material home with her so she could make the comforter and pillow case for us. Hopefully she gets it done pretty quickly because I really want the room to be finished already! I want to post the pictures of Devin & Brookes room done, but I would prefer to wait till Kara's room is done as well. But maybe I don't have to wait.... I don't know I am so confused (haha). Anyways keep an eye out because I am sure sometime in the next week or so I should have pictures of both finished rooms up! (of course thats if I can pry the computer away from the hubby!)

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