Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I don't like negativity....

In your opinion what is the point of a blog?

Well in my opinion it is what you set out to blog about, whether it be about your life and family, or about your job, about giveaways, about reviews etc. What ever you choose to write about. My blog is about me and my family, about our life experiences and about what I want to talk about (whether it be exciting or boring). I know that not everyone will agree with what I want to talk about and not everyone will want to hear what I want to talk about. But when it comes to that then people don't have to read it they don't have to be here or listen right? (that's the purpose of the little red x in the corner of page.)

I bring this up only because I was reading MckMama's blog about how she told MckDaddy about them expecting #5 and what started out with many comments congratulating them on expecting another miracle, turned into a lot of negative comments about how she is bragging about not planning her 5th child and that she is being insensitive to others who are having infertility issues. Yes it is unfortunate that there are many women who are having trouble conceiving a child, why does that mean that she can not be excited about her own blessing and share it with her readers? As I have said we are expecting our 4th and just like MckMama it was totally unplanned. I am happy and excited and would love to share with everyone the experiences that we are having. Everyone who reads her blog, has always know of what she speaks about there, and yet most seem shocked and angry that she would talk about the surprise that God has blessed her family with.

Am I being insensitive? I am trying not to be as I understand (although I may not have walked in their shoes) that infertility is a tough issue to deal with and I am sure that it is a very upsetting issue to deal with when you want so badly to have a child but are unable to. I've lost a child but I do not get angry at women who talk about always having happy healthy children. Its upsetting yes but that was what God intended for them. I don't know if God keeps people from having children (when they so desperately want one) but I do believe God works in mysterious ways. As much as I miss my son and wish that he was here with us today, I know that God did not intend for me to be with my sons father and if Zachary were alive today, my 3 beautiful daughters may not be here and neither would the new miracle I am carrying. It's not that people who are excited about having children are trying to be mean or insensitive to people who are having trouble. But are we suppose to hide our emotions and not talk about that part of our lives? Is it taboo to talk about pregnancy?

I understand that as a blogger you are putting your life out there but really if I don't like a blog or like what someone has said I just leave the blog (by the way I have yet to find one that I don't like) but I am certainly not going to waste my time writing negative comments about someone that I honestly do not know, yeah you read their blog but that does not mean you really know the person enough. Sorry if this doesn't make any since or maybe its all over the place and just sounds stupid but I hate negativity (especially when it comes to the miracle of life).

In conclusion (haha I never say things like that) I just think if you don't like what a person has to talk about on their blog why waste your time even reading it when you already know you don't like it? Just go on with your life and let them blog about what they want to blog about.

Oh and to add real quick I love the people who are angry at her for making money off her blog, is it that they are jealous? because I think its just awesome that she is able to make a little extra money doing something that she likes to do (blog if you can't remember LOL). I see nothing wrong with making money blogging.


Theta Mom said...

There is so much negativity in the world - it should be left out of the blogosphere. Blogging is a form of expression- personal expression and negative/hurtful comments should not be tolerated.

Alyssa said...

Catrina, you are so right. I don't follow MckMama but I'm going to check her out...I'm intrigued by this. What? People have nothing better to do?

I read that Dooce turned negative comments into "lemonade"...somehow she's making money off other's negativity. Good for her, too!