Sunday, February 28, 2010

Um, by the way you have a Brother....

So after reading Getting to know You (Sundays). One of my readers was intrigued to know how I found out at the age of 16 that I had a brother.
Well I will kinda skip to the beginning. My Mother and Father divorced when I was 4 years old (after this point you may here me refer to him as either the sperm donor or Danny). I saw the sperm donor on and off for years he was never very good at sticking with the every other weekend visitations that he was given. He eventually ended up getting remarried to a women I usually refer to as the Step Bitch (which there is another screwy story about my life that involves her but maybe we won't get into that), she had two children already who I could refer to as my step siblings but prefer not to (for many reason). When I was in 8th grade the sperm donor and his new family moved out of Michigan and it would be 4 years till I speak to anyone of them again. Well while keeping in touch with the rest of the sperm donors family (my family) one day my cousin tells me that he has another child, some girl living with them that he is calling his daughter. I of course begin to get upset because why is it that he has another daughter but won't have anything to do with me? What did I do wrong? (at this point in my life is about when the depression starts setting in). I confide in my mom because how could he do this to me? This is were she drops a bombshell or two on me. First she informs me that well when I was just about a month old my "father"(if you can call him that) cheated with the babysitter and its possible that the babysitter had his child. I was to later find out that is was actually his stepdaughters freind that had a horrible life and they aloud her to move in with them, and she began calling him her dad. But then my mom decides maybe its time for me to know the truth. Before her and the sperm donor got together and had little ol' me, he was with another women, my mom's best freinds sister. They end up having a child together and then after that she wanted nothing to do with him (I don't blame her). The last time she aloud him to have any contact with my brother was when he was 5, and she never told him that the sperm donor was his father. She let him think that her new husband was his father. (Oh if your wondering he is 4 years older then me) Well being that his mother was the sister of my mothers best freind we actually grew up together, never knowing that we were related. So yeah when I was 16 years old my mother tells me that a kid I basically grew up with is actually my brother! A few years later we were hanging out at a party and I asked him he knew that we were in fact brother and sister. I guess his mother thought that 16 was a good age to tell him as well. We keep in touch still, mainly over facebook and myspace. And every so often over the phone but its hard to go from not really talking to each other to acting just like brother and sister (especially when for 16 years you were an only child with no siblings at all). I'd love to have a close brother/sister relationship with him but its still very weird that he is indeed my brother, I think if we had known sooner things would be different but they are the way they are and I don't think they will ever be any different.
So there you have it.... Hope you enjoyed my screwed up story (haha).
For future reference if I talk about my father I am referring to my step Father who has been there for me for 17 years.

Oh, oh, oh before I forget guess what? We sold our Blazer! I am so excited! Hopefully the house is next!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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Kimberly said...

Wow, that's some story!!

Congratulations on selling the blazer!! that's great news!