Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I had a pretty good day yesterday.....

Although yesterday was a very busy and tiring day, we got alot done (or at least I think so). As I blogged in my last post we sold the blazer to a neighbor. Well yesterday we had to take the blazer in to get the windshield fixed because there was a crack in, then we had to go pay the lien/loan off so we could give the title to the new owners, we actually got all of that finished sooner then we expected so we went to visit my grandma. While the girls played the adults talked. I eventually had to leave to go get my tax's done. I was actually nervous even though we've been going to this tax guy for a few years but I had never gone by myself. But it went well and I am happy with what we are getting back. After that I had to go back to my grandma's because my mom had to go get her tax's done (by the same guy) I had to pick Kara up and get home so I could pay for the windshield & get Devin from the bus stop. The people at the windshield place were really nice and waived like $60 of the deductable. I was in a bit of shock because I was expecting to pay more and when he told me it was only going to be $40 I was like "uh what?". So yeah the blazer is gone (across the street anyways) and that is one less problem we have to deal with. All in all I think we all had a good day yesterday. We also had a little visitor stay the night last night. My little cousin Dimitri stayed the night with us last night and as I speak the kiddo's are playing. Well Kara is whining for whatever reason and Dimitri and Brooke are playing. I've got tons of pictures I want to share but I think I will just post them by thierselves because there are alot! So today I am taking it easy, okay I am very tired I didn't sleep well the night before or last night (not because of the kids) I need a nap but I know it will be some time till that happens, maybe once my mom wakes up I can take a nap. We are still unsure but we may allow Dimitri to stay another night. As long as the kids get along. Which so far they are (for the most part), I mean they are kids they are going to have thier issues.

Have a Great Day!

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