Friday, February 19, 2010


Well we are back from the ER everyone kept telling us it was broke so we took her in. They told us that even if it is broken they can not do anything right now. So tommarrow we should have the xray results from the doctors office, and after the swelling goes down if there is any deformity then they will reset it.
So we wait it out. she is pretty swollen, and she hasn't gotten black eyes yet but the doc said it could still happen. we'll see.

Good Night

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Alyssa said...

Ouch! Now why couldn't that happen to me? I've wanted a little rhinoplasty for sooooo long!
Seriously, I've tried to comment on your site; don't know if it's my computer, google, or what...anyway, haven't heard from you in ages...other than the "mishap" is everyone/everything okay?