Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Brookie!

Four years ago today at this exact time (12:20pm) I was in severe pain, so badly that I was screaming at the doctors, nurses or anyone who was listening to me to please give me some kind of drugs any kind of drugs just give me something, and everyone was telling me no that it was to late I couldn't have anything. Your to far along now! Little did I know that in a short 22 minutes I would be hearing a baby crying! My Labor was 4 1/2 hours long and I wanted to go natural (stupid decision on my part I finally realized). At 12:42pm on March 16, 2006 a 7lb 1oz 19 3/4 in long little girl with slate blue eyes and a head full of dark brown hair was born and we named her Brooke AnnMarie. She was perfect in every way, she got a perfect apgar score! Within minutes the nurse informed us that Brooke was born with a club foot and of course we began panicking we had no idea what club foot was or what they would do to fix it, what was our brand new baby girl going to go through? Luckily she didn't have to go through to much and at 2 1/2 months had surgery to fix her heal. I think her club foot made her stronger, she rolled over a week before her surgery, she crawled early and walked early, shes a muscular little girl and a strong little girl! and Four years later she is 37lb and 40 1/2 in tall. She is smart and smart assed! In just two months from now she will no longer have to wear her brace for her club foot and will be done with the orthopedic surgeon! She has healed wonderfully!

We had her 4th Birthday party this past weekend in which she chose a Wall-E cake. She had a wonderful time and got lots of presents. Today she has chosen for her Birthday dinner to go to Red Lobster because she wants Macaroni and Cheese (I am not quite sure why she picked Red Lobster for Mac & Cheese but I love that restaurant so I'm not going to argue :) )

Happy 4th Birthday Doodles!!

Have a Great Day!

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