Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patricks Day! Did you have your corned beef and cabbage today? Maybe you partook in some green beer? We had some corned beef and cabbage and thats it, of course I didn't have any green beer I'm preggo duh!

So the other day I was facebooking (like I do everyday) and got a message from a freind one was labled LOL and YOUTUBE I was stupid and clicked on it. Yep you guessed it I got a virus on my lap top. I took it into Best Buy and had Geek Squad check it out and today I got a phone call saying that my hard drive was failing. So when the hubby got off work we went up to the store to talk to Geek Squad and after some much consisderation me and the hubby decide to buy a new computer so we did. We got a new Gateway with Windows 7 (so much better then Vista in my opinion), we still have our old computer, we will get it fixed just not by Geek Squad. It would have cost up almost $500 for Geek Squad to fix it, we bought our new computer for just under $700 (including an antivirus protection software). I'm still trying to get use to the new lap top though, its alot smaller then our previous one and we installed the software ourselves so I am trying to get use to that as well. The keys feel so much different then our previous but then again the old one was a HP and the new one is Gateway so yeah they are different. I will give you some advice though right now.... Even if you know the sender be cautious of what you open because it could be a virus.

So I started the new medication that the doctors prescibed (the herbal motion sickness meds), I am not quite sure if they are working or not, I was able to sleep in my own bed last night but that is because I brought 3 of our couch pillows to bed with me to keep me sitting up. It wasn't exactly comfortable to lets be honest sitting up sleeping is just not comfortable. The medication does however make me super drowsy, so I think that is why I slept alright last night but I was still exhausted when I woke up this morning and I wanted so bad to take a nap but as soon as I began to fall asleep my aunt started texting me, so no nap today.

Well I guess that is all that is going on right now so...

Have a Great Night!

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Alyssa said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day...well, leftovers if there are any. Glad you're okay; I don't get over as often as I'd like. Blogger has been a pain in the *** and everything's taking me ten times as long. So so sorry about your virus. Yuck! These things cost TOO much to fix. Congrats and lots of luck with your new computer!
And most important: take care of you and that new growing little one.