Thursday, March 18, 2010

If I don't the Leprechaun will pinch me

Last night when is was time for the kiddo's to get jammies on Devin comes down in new jammies, and says I had to change my pajama's because if I don't the Leprechaun will pinch me for not wearing green. Okay we like St Patty's day (remember we had corned beef and cabbage yesterday?) But I never actually said anything to her about wearing green (I did however make sure her shirt had green in it). She must have picked it up from school. This morning Brooke woke up and told us she couldn't change her shirt because if she did the Leprechaun would pinch her, of course we had to explain to her that it was no longer St Patty's day so it doesn't count anymore. Kids are cute and they say the darndest things don't they?

On a kind of creepier note, yesterday while we were at Best Buy I got a phone call from Devins school saying something about a man standing out side the play ground watching the kids. When Devin got home I didn't check her bag like I normally do so as soon as we got home I checked to see if there was a note (the phone call I received was a recording and said that a letter was sent home). Sure enough the letter was there informing parents that there was a man in his 50's standing on the playground (away from the kids) watching them and taking thier pictures with a high powered lense at one of the elementry school. They approached the man and made him delete all the pictures and made him leave then he showed up later after they made him leave they called the police. Now why in the world would you approach the man before attempting to call the police? If they would have called the police they might have been able to arrest him or find out what exactly his intent for the pictures was. Its very creepy to think that some guy may end up at my daughters school (I sure hope he stays away). I forgot to mention it to Devin today but I am pretty sure her school will inform the kids not to go near the guy or to call a teacher if they see him. I will for sure when Devin gets home from school. We have informed her many times that she should never talk to strangers and never leave with them. Even when we are in public they have to ask permission before saying hi to someone they do not know. I just can't stand hearing something like this. Why are people this way I just don't understand it. It scares me! I don't like hearing about things like this, thankfully no children have been approached or anything like that but it is still scary and creepy knowing that someone is taking pictures of the children while they are at school. Goes to show no matter how nice of a neighborhood you live in you always have to keep an eye out for anything suspicious!

Have a Great Day!

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